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Ohio Facts-2022

Population by Race
Population Growth
Gross Domestic Product
Per-Capita Income
Labor Market
Agricultural Commodities
Home Prices
Transportation Infrastructure
Natural Resources and Environment
Mineral Resources
Energy Source
Public Water Systems
Toxic Chemical Releases
Public Finances
FY 2022 Operating Expenditures
Spending by County
Spending by Budget
Spending by Category
Employee Headcount
Public Employees
State and Local Tax Burden
Composition of State and Local Taxes
General Operating Revenue
State-Source General Operating Revenue
Local Government Tax Revenues
Local Government Expenditures
Local Government Funds
Public Library Funding
Liquor Sales
Motor Fuel Tax
Motor Vehicle License Tax
Roadway Maintenance
State GRF Debt
Clean Ohio Conservation
Capital Expenditures
K-12 Education
Public School Operating Expenditures
Average Teacher Salary
School Spending by Category
School Spending by District Type
School Operating Revenue
School District Taxable Property Values
Local Wealth Disparities and State Foundation Aid
Department of Education's Budget
Lottery Profits
School Choice Programs
School Facilities
School Report Cards
School Enrollment
Transition to Higher Education
Higher Education
Higher Education Enrollment
Public Tuition
State Share of Instruction
Remediation Rates
Ohio's Postsecondary Educational Attainment
Higher Education Degrees
Health and Human Services
Medicaid Expenditures by Agency
Medicaid Caseloads and Costs
Medicaid Caseload Trend
Medicaid Managed Care
Medicaid Expenditures by Fund Group
Medicaid Expenditure Growth
Medicaid Federal Reimbursement
Home and Community-Based Servicess
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)
Subsidized Child Care
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act
Unemployment Compensation
Bureau of Workers' Compensation
Life Expectancy
Overdose Deaths
Psychiatric Hospitals
Justice and Public Safety
Prison Population
Violent and Property Crime Rates
Reported Arrests
Youth Adjudications and Commitments
County Indigent Defense
Commitments by Type of Crime
Cases by Court
Concealed Handgun Licenses
Sex Offender Registry
Human Trafficking
Police Expenditures
Capital Punishment
Traffic Fatalities
OVI Convictions