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$42,000 annually + full-time state employee benefit package

2023 Class - Immediate Openings

2024 Class

Since 1963, the Ohio General Assembly, has sponsored a 13-month, full-time, paid (salary plus benefits) legislative fellowship program. Up to 24 individuals are selected each year to participate in the fellowship, which is administered by the Legislative Service Commission (LSC), in conjunction with the Ohio House of Representatives, the Ohio Senate, and the Ohio Government Telecommunications (OGT)/The Ohio Channel. The cohort typically includes ten fellows assigned to work with members of the House, ten with members of the Senate, two with LSC, and two with OGT/The Ohio Channel.

The objectives of this unique program are to:
  • Encourage outstanding college graduates to explore and pursue careers in the legislature and other arenas of public service.
  • Provide fellows with professional experience in the legislative process, including assisting legislators and their constituents and conducting legislative research.
  • Introduce fellows to the executive and judicial branches and the workings of state government in general.
  • Train fellows in practical skills and knowledge needed to be ready and successful on day one of their post-fellowship professional career.

Candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree before the program starts. There are no requirements placed on major field of study except for the two fellows assigned to OGT/The Ohio Channel, who must have a media production or related degree or have acquired the requisite video production skills. The cohort application process opens in January with interviews taking place in May. Final selection decisions are made at the end of May or early June.

Fellows assigned to the House or Senate engage in constituent services, write speeches and news releases, conduct research, and perform administrative work. Fellows assigned to LSC draft legislation, perform legal or fiscal research, and attend committee meetings. Fellows assigned to OGT work as production assistants, where they assist in streaming legislative sessions and committee hearings and in the production of public service communications.

Although completing the 13-month fellowship program does not automatically guarantee permanent employment with the General Assembly or the state of Ohio, many fellows are offered permanent positions with the General Assembly as legislative staff or with state agencies as legislative liaisons as a result of participating in the fellowship program. Post-fellowship opportunities in the private sector have included positions with lobbying or public relations firms.

To learn more about the LSC fellowship program, email Fellowship or call (614) 466-3615.